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July The Height Of Summer

July Special 10 classes $120
July Schedule Updates:
Monday 6:30PM Restorative Yoga
Wednesday 6:30PM Warrior Yoga
Saturday 9:30AM Beginner Yoga



Celebrate the New Moon in Leo on Saturday!

Celebrate your inner sun with an astrology reading by Ursa Astrology, learn how your cosmic self is being awakened by the current transits of the sun, moon and stars. Supportive and interesting perspective offered in 15 minute sessions for 15 dollars, get a taste of intuitive evolutionary astrology, and celebrate the lunar leo moment this Saturday.

Mars finally moves into Scorpio this Friday, represented by the following sabian symbol, “A bright blue sight-seeing bus with a dragon painted on the side and a tourist peering out of every window.” What inner shift has been waiting and brewing for the last 6 months that you are ready to see in a new and powerful way?

There is much beautiful moment in the stars right now, explore what it means for you!

Saturday July 26th 3:45PM to 5PM. 

15 Minutes $15

Walk In or Email makarastudio@gmail.com to Book.

Welcome Dawn El-Choufani Our New Pilates Teacher
Pilates 7PM-8PM Thursday
Dawn El-Choufani, the founder of Alyte Pilates, has had a remarkable career in the performing arts industry and movement education.


 Victor Cotto is July Teacher Of The Month
What is the most fulfilling moment you’ve had teaching yoga?image

What is the most fulfilling moment you’ve had teaching yoga?

"Wow… I just love when someone after class says, ‘Thank you, I needed that,’ or leaves with a smile. Smiles go a long way."

Read The Full Interview Here:

Snake & Salamander Society Starts June 14th
Saturday 7:30PM to 8:30PM $15 Suggested Donation
(No One Turned Away For Lack Of $)
Snake and Salamander Society is a healing community devoted to creative pursuit of the right path.
Membership is open to the public.   
The snake aspect refers to the community’s support of healing and transformation, shedding the skin which no longer serves somebody.  The salamander encourages those born from the fires of chaos to learn to extinguish that fire.  
Please wear comfortable clothes as meetings will begin with a light yoga class and move into a safe space for sharing stories and creation.  Some meetings will have an outside speaker, some will be creative arts therapy activities, some solely discussion.  The percentage of each component will be determined by regular members of the group collaboratively.  
This Is A Sober Circle
Park Yoga Returns To Cooper Park 
Sunday June 1st 12PM-1:15PM With Victor Cotto
Every Sunday It Is Sunny Through September
Meet in Front Of Down To Earth Cooper Park’s Farmer’s Market Stand


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