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Already in January 1916, the Krom district police officer noted that the only subject for public discontent is public Management: both city government and zemstvo did not show no activities to reduce the prices of basic necessities18. Eletsky the police master was forced to report to the governor that refugees from the city government some activity; in relation to providing citizens with “life products” activity is not noticed19.

Summarizing the situation in the cities of the province, the head The gendarme’s office reported that city governments did not show no tendencies towards political speeches with resolutions, but at the same time do not manifest themselves in the area of improving well-being of residents in the issue of combating the high cost of living. Governor noted that from the side of self-government the people did not see the proper energy and initiatives to combat rising prices and organizing the right distribution of mass consumption items. Hope rested on consistent and decisive action in this direction

15 Ibid, l.46. 16 Ibid, l.429. Report of the head of the OGUU to the governor. 10/01/1916 17 Ibid., L.431. Report of Oryol police chief. November 1916 18 Ibid, l.9. 19 Ibid., L. 130. The first half of April 1916. government bodies20. Along with this it should be noted that in the hands self-management there were no tools capable radically improve the situation of the inhabitants of the province. Combating the concealment of goods and unreasonable price increase was the responsibility of the police. Wanting in their reports to the governor lay the blame for the chaos in the consumer market on local government, police officers sought to remove themselves and their apparatus a considerable share of responsibility.

The population was waiting for decisive measures by the provincial administration to urging urban public administrations to fight high cost of living21. Over time, the situation escalated. Governor He noted that the population heard complaints, complaints and even threats in the authorities are in favor of not taking effective measures to ensure the population life products22. Two weeks before Christmas 1916 the governor received a mysterious and threatening letter (see Appendix 6). Unknown hitherto Secret Orlovsky Union, threatening to blow up the governor’s house, demanded from the governor of the province to take immediate and decisive measures against the shortage of goods that hit the provincial center23. Gendarme management through its agents unsuccessfully tried to collect information about Oryol Union, came to the conclusion that there is a hoax24. None however, for the protection of the governor’s house, two were additionally allocated policemen, two guards and a disguised policeman the warden 25. This case, which was more of a curious character, is relief. shows, first, the urgency that reached by the end of 1916 crisis of the consumer market, and secondly, unequivocally indicates that the mass consciousness of the provincial administration assigned the role of force, able to radically change the situation.